Under the Sea 3D Reviewd

As I mentioned about a week ago Under the Sea 3D was coming to the Clark Planetarium at the Gateway. Janine and I went to see it on the opening day. All I can say it WOW. The videography was remarkable. The Hall’s truly provided some great footage. It really goes to show that you can just cruise the reef and miss so much marine life. Slowing down and being neutral will allow you to see micro marine life along with the ‘big stuff’. I don’t think I saw the camera wiggle or bounce the entire movie. Those guys have buoyancy control down. LOL
OK you know why? Here is the type of camera they used. Not your typical hand held DVR.

While it was great to see all sorts of marine life in 3D I thought they did a real good job of showing the environmental stress that is happening to the reefs. They showed bleaching and mucking and talked about the marine life moving further south to coolers waters. Now since most of this was shot in Australia, any further south would be the south pole. Ouch! Without giving it all away the seals at the end make you go ‘awww how cute’.
Jim Carrey wasn’t his normal obnoxious self so that was an added bonus.
Get out an see it. Great for a date or family. Keep your ticket stub also. Sport Chalet is offering tuition discounts 25%? on Open Water and Advanced Open Water if you signed up before a certain date. March 31?