Tony Grove

Longitude / Latitude 41°53'25"N 111°38'25"W

Tony Grove Lake is a small, glacial lake in the Bear River Range in extreme northern Utah. The reservoir shoreline is 100% publicly owned by the Wasatch-Cache National Forest. Public access is unrestricted.

 Getting There
Tony Grove Lake is accessible from US-89 in Logan Canyon. The turnoff is at the Tony Grove Guard Station, 22 miles northeast of downtown Logan and 17 miles west of Garden City. Follow a gravel road (FS-003) for about
eight miles to the lake. The route is well marked.

Tony Grove Campground, administered by the Forest Service, has 37 campsites, a swimming area, running water, and primitive latrines.

 Lake Info
Elevation 8,043 (feet)
Depth (feet) 36 maximum  13 mean
Length 2,187 (feet)  Width 781 (feet) Shoreline 5,360 (feet)
Visibility: 15-20 feet
Summer Water Temperature: 65-70 °F
Aquatic life: Rainbow and albino rainbow trout.

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