Longitude / Latitude 40°38'48"N 112°31'30"W

Bonneville Seabase is a geothermal heated, salt water, high altitude mini ocean with marine tropical fish. It is the only one of its kind for dive training. Seabase has three habitats. White Rocks Bay is the smallest and shallowest habitat and is covered during winter months to help with water temperatures and ambient temperatures.  Habitat Bay is the largest habitat and the Abyss is the newest and deepest habitat at a depth of 62 feet with platforms for safety stops and a platform at 60 feet.

 Getting There
Take I-80 westbound from Salt Lake City, use exit 84 and go south on Highway 138 for 5 miles. Turn into Seabase on the east side of the road.

Overnight accommodations can be found at nearby hotels in Grantsville, Tooele or Lake Point. Seabase offers overnight camping or 'trailer' rentals for a fee.
Changing rooms, showers, gear rinsing stations and a snack bar. Equipment rentals are available including Nitrox and rebreathers.

 Lake Info
Elevation 4293 (feet)
Depth (feet) 62 maximum   20 mean
Length (miles)  Width (miles) Shoreline (miles) 

Visibility: 5-10 feet
Summer Water Temperature: 85 °F
Aquatic life: Angels, Groupers, Sharks (Nurse), Tangs, Puffers, Jacks, Bats, Monos, Scats, Damsels, Silver Sides
Website: Seabase  

Seabase liability release download.

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      If it has been an exteneded time since your last dive it would benefit you to have a Refresher course or you may recertify if you choose.
      A certification card is required to dive at SeaBase.

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