Sand Hollow

Longitude / Latitude 37° 7'9.37"N 113°22'59.37"W

Sand Hollow, Utah, is the state's newest reservoir completed in March 2002.
The scuba and swimming area is south of the boat ramp and is marked with buoys. The scuba area has a maximum depth of 45' depending on time of year. 
In 2006 a local dive shop placed a Cessna 310 airplane and "VW" bus in the reservoir at a depth of 40 feet.
There is also a Peak Performance Buoyancy Course for testing your buoyancy skills.
In September 2014, a 26 foot Renell crusier was placed inside the park at the base of Birthday Rock. The "VW" bus was relocated to deeper water as well.
The reservoir is open to diving year round.

 Getting There
Sand Hollow is located approximately 15 miles east of St. George, and seven miles east of the I-15 Hurricane Exit. Visitors should exit I-15 at Exit 16 (Highway 9), travel east four miles and turn right on Turf Sod Road, travel one mile and turn left on the new Sand Hollow access road for two miles, turn left and proceed to the park.

The Park is open seven days a week from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m… There is a $10.00 entrance fee per vehicle. Primitive camping is available for $9.00 or the main campground with hookups for RV's is available for $21.00.

 Lake Info
Elevation 3,000 (feet)
Depth (feet) 95' maximum   mean
Length (miles)  Width (miles) Shoreline (miles)
Visibility: 15-20 feet
Summer Water Temperature: 75-80 °F 
Current Water Temperature
Aquatic life: Bass and bluegill

Sand Hollow is one of the best places to dive in Utah. With swim/dive park you don't have to worry about boats overhead. The occasional kayaker will ask where the fish are.
There are a few attractions to see at Sand Hollow. There is a twin engine Cessna, old VW style bus, Renell boat, sign pointing to various locations, a buoyancy course and unique sand rock formations.

While the Cessna is quite the surface swim it's well worth it. Sunken in about 40' of water you'll have ample time to explore.
After exploring the Cessna, from the tail take a heading of 270 degree and kick about 80 yards. You'll find the sunken VW Bus. It's sitting in about 30' of water in the end of a ravine. Heading from the plane once you locate a small wall you're on the edge.

After exploring the bus locate the guideline tied to the bumper and follow it to the buoyancy course. Drop down or swim up through the vertical pipe, then head to the sloping pipe, then drop down and go through the hoops.
Afterwards locate the guidelines and follow it back to the sign or the training platform.

To locate the Renell follow the guideline from the tail to the west. If the guideline has been removed the boat is near the buoy to the east of Birthday Rock

This circuit can be done starting from shore or the plane. The guideline from the bus to the plane has been broken so it may be hard to locate unless your navigation skills are on.
Watch your air; even though it's shallow it's not hard for newer divers to get low on air somewhere around the buoyancy course. If you do it right the whole circuit can be done on an aluminum 80.


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    1. admin Post author

      There are four stores in the Saint George area.
      Dixie Divers,
      Aqua Sports,
      Adventure Plus
      St. George Scuba
      The only one I have personally done business with is Dixie Divers, Shelly and Tony do a great job. Dixie Divers has gear rental available at Sand Hollow and could provide a guide if you desire.
      I have met some of the staff of St. George Scuba before. Nice people

      1. Cheryl Christensen

        I know they gave you a long list of shops BUT….

        We dive with Dan Westwood at Access Scuba in St. George.  He is awesome!  

    1. admin Post author

      Contact Shelly at Dixie Divers in St. George. She can likely help you out. I’m in SLC so the fee would be high. 

    2. Cheryl Christensen

      Did you find someone to look for it?  We were out there yesterday and the visibility was HORRIBLE.

      Do you know where you lost it?  Any coordinates?  

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