Meadow Hot Spring


Longitude / Latitude 38°51'50"N 112°30'27"W


 Getting There
Take the Meadow exit 158 south of Fillmore on I-15. Turn left at the stop sign and go under the freeway. You will pass a Chevron station on the right and be heading south. Keep going south out of the town of Meadow (about 1.5 miles) until you pass the last buildings on the left. Shortly after passing the buildings on the left you will see a well graded dirt road on the right. This road will take you back over I-15. On this road you will see several roads heading off in different directions, just stay on this road heading west until you get to the parking area, you can‘t miss it. The spring is located about 150 yards from the parking area.

Since this is private property no overnight camping is allowed. Accommodations can be found in nearby Fillmore.

 Lake Info
Elevation 4,767(feet)
Depth (feet) 20 maximum    mean
Length  (feet)  Width  (feet) Shoreline (feet)
Visibility:  20 feet
Summer Water Temperature:  95 °F

Aquatic life:

This is a fun little warm spring to go to when you're tired of the regular stuff around during the winter, or just stop by on your way back from diving Sand Hollow. While neither pond is very deep it's still fun just to dive.

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