Fish Lake

Spearfishing Permitted
Longitude / Latitude 38°32'45"N 111°42'15"W

Dive flag is required since motorized watercraft can be present on this reservoir.

Fish Lake is the largest natural mountain lake in Utah. It is on the Fish Lake Plateau (the sixth highest mountains in the state), in central Utah. It is a natural body of water in a deep, wide graven valley.

Getting There
Fish Lake is easily accessed from U-25, which runs from U-24 (between Salina and Loa) to Fish Lake.

Facilities consist of public and private campgrounds, housekeeping cottages, and picnic grounds. USFS campgrounds include Doctor Creek (29 family sites and 2 group sites), Mackinaw (53 family sites and 15 group sites) and Bowery (31 family sites and 12 group sites). All have flush toilets and have fees for use. Private resorts include Bowery Haven and Fish Lake Lodge/Lakeside Resort. Both offer boat rentals, launching ramps, rustic and modern cabins, groceries, gas, RV park facilities, and campgrounds. Bowery Haven also has an eight room motel and a cafe. Nightly rates in the past have been around $10 for tent or RV camping, $30 – 60 for housekeeping cabins, and >$100 for large cabins. Reservations should be made several months in advance.

Lake Info
Elevation (feet) 8843
Depth (feet) maximum 175 mean 85
Length (miles) 5.3 Width (miles) 1.1 Shoreline (miles) 12.3
Visibility: 20-30 feet
Summer Water Temperature  53-56 °F
Aquatic life: Rainbow trout , lake trout, splake, a cross of brook and lake trout, brook trout, yellow perch, Utah sucker, brown trout, kokanee salmon and mottled sculpin

Fish Lake has to be one of the better sites to dive in Utah but can be chilly. Best times are July through the first week in September.
Along the western shore are the most common places to dive. You'll find a plant barrier that you will swim over then drop down. Look for fish to inhabit this grassy plant. Look for lost fishing tackle and an occasional antique bottle. If diving from a boat, head to the east side where the wall is steeper and the lava formations is a nice feature. There is said to be some pinnacles toward the south end but I have yet to locate them.

2 thoughts on “Fish Lake

  1. Harold McCune

    Last summer, we were trolling for Lake trout about 300 feet west of East shore of Fish Lake. Depth finder indicated 125-135 feet average; however, as we turned toward lodge, depth findings went off scale (our unit will only search to 500 feet). There appears to be an area of 100 feet by 75 feet where this happens. We spent the next hour attempting to map this "hole" out, but it was getting windy and the consensus of the family was to head for the marina.

    We would like to dive in the above area, but would like to know if anyone else has explored the lake. Unfortunately, we did not have our dive gear on this trip, just fishing equipment.

    Thanks for any information that other divers may have.


    1. admin Post author

      There have been a number of divers explore various locations around Fish Lake over the years. It is interesting the differing reports of what the maximum depth of Fish Lake is. Our reported max of 175 comes from the State Department of Water Quality.
      Remember diving at altitude takes special tables and preperation for the dive. Taking all of that beyond the recreational limits to a technical dive adds a number of elements few are trained to handle.

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