Blue Lake

Spearfishing Permitted Talapia Only

Longitude / Latitude 40°30'06"N 114°02'02"W

Blue Lake is an oasis in the Utah West Desert, south of Bonneville Salt Flats, approximately 15 miles south of Wendover, Nevada. Geothermal springs of fresh water support a relatively rich wetland environment and feed several pools, of which Blue Lake is the deepest. The surroundings consist of salt flats, rocky outcrops, and desert scrub vegetation. The property is part of the Utah Test and Training Range (U.S. Air Force), but the site is operated by the state of Utah as a wildlife management area with open access to the public. Because the pools remain warm year round, the site attracts wildlife as well as scuba divers.


Getting There
From Salt Lake City travel on I-80 west to Wendover Nevada. Once in Wendover travel to HWY 93 which is located across from the Peppermill Hotel and Casino. Travel south on HWY 93 for approximately. 14 miles to the Blue Lake sign. Turn east and travel down a rough wash board road for approximately 5 miles. The dirt road as it's mostly just annoying washboards.


There are no facilities located at Blue Lake.
Overnight camping is allowed and no permits are required.
Accommodations can be found in Wendover.


 Lake Info
Lake elevation (feet) 4,254
Depth (feet) maximum 58 mean 43
Length (feet) 1103 Width (feet) 592 Shoreline (feet) 2,678
Visibility: 5-30 Feet
Summer Water Temperature 80 °F
Aquatic life: Bluegill, Largemouth Bass, Tilapia and Pacu


Blue Lake is one of the mainstays of Utah diving. Fall through spring offer the best conditions both in and out of the water. While during summer months the water is quite warm the infestation of horse flies makes the journey unbearable without large amounts of DEET.
From the entry area in about 15' of water there is a yellow rope line connecting two training platforms.
Heading to the north platform you'll notice two ropes tied to the northeast corner post. Don't forget to phone home from the call box on the northwest corner.
Following the upper rope will guide you to a sunken 24' boat standing on its stern.
Off the side of this boat you'll notice a metal praying mantis sculpture.
Off the starboard side there is a sunken canoe. Head from the boat to the canoe bow and proceed another 30-40 feet you'll find a metal turtle sculpture.
Take a compass heading of 240 degree and look for the sunken bi-plane sculpture in the large hot pot. Approximately 50 yards from the boat. If you go over a large ridge and locate the very large pots you've gone too far. Just north of the plane is a 50 gallon drum with a bowling ball representing a hippo. There used to be a surface marker for the plane but last time I was there is had been removed. (Oct 2010)
From the north platform following the lower rope it will lead you to a smaller boat sitting on the bottom.
There is a guideline that will lead you from the boat to the shark sculpture. Just past the shark you'll find a bomb tail piece.
Other things to find are the gravel pits which are the deepest part of Blue Lake.
I wasn't able to find the floating manikin head the last time I was out but I heard it's still there. It's in a small 'canyon' that is running along the north side.
New for 2015, Blue Lake is open to spearfishing for Talapia and Pacu only.

2 thoughts on “Blue Lake

  1. Amber

    Went diving middle of July; visibility was 2-3 ft tops. Finding the ropes off the dock and manikin head was fairly easy, but once I let go, I was unable to find anything unless I ran into it. Perfect temperature. The manikin head is in the center, smaller white Bouie. Seriously, bring bug spray and keep it with you!

    1. admin Post author

      I avoid Blue Lake until there is frost on the ground. Visibilty improves during the winter months and the horse flies are gone. 

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