Belmont Springs

 Longitude / Latitude 41°51'20"N 112°09'28"W 

Belmont Hot Springs (a.k.a Udy Hot Springs) is located 1 mile (1.6 km) southwest of Plymouth in northeastern Box Elder County near the Malad River. The large lake (Main Pond) contains several springs and is the most conspicuous feature of the springs, but a series of smaller ponds given names such as “Indian Pool,” (Indian Spring) Morning Glory Hole,” and “Mud Pots” are present south of the large lake. Belmont is one of the few hot deep SCUBA certification sites in the Western United States.
As of October 1, 2014 Belmont Hot Springs will be closed to diving until a new owner is found for the resort. Better safe than sorry, I would call prior to making the trip.
Update: October 2015, Belmont is closed to diving due to bankruptcy. When a new owner is found diving may or may not be part of their business plan.

Getting There
Take I-15 north past Tremonton to exit 392. Go east (from I-15) to the first stop sign, take a right, and then go south about one mile. You will see the Camperworld Hot Springs sign; turn right (west) and go about two blocks to the entrance of the resort on your left.

Swimming pool with additional hot tubs, playground and picnic pavilions. All the necessary water, sewer and electrical hookups for  RVs. Divers can use the clubhouse changing rooms and showers.

Lake Info
Lake elevation (feet) 4,319
Depth (feet) maximum 30
Length (feet) 370 Width (feet) 140 Shoreline (feet) 952
Visibility: 5-15 Feet
Water Temperature 90-125 °F (closed to diving May-October due to high water temperatures)
Aquatic life: Fingerling trout

While Belmont is limited in depth it is a great place to go to just get wet or to refresh before a trip. Owners are working on building up the banks of Indian Springs to add some additional depth. Currently it's around 18'. Lay on the platform and let the little guppies swim around a nibble on your hands or look for errant golf balls from the 1st and 9th tee box.

Indian Springs is the smaller of the two ponds. The sediment tends to settle quicker at Indian than in the Main pond.
There is a platform in Indian Springs that sits at 18 feet.
The Main pond is larger and tends to be 2-5 degrees cooler than that of Indian Springs. The deepest point is the south end near the large buoy.
Two training platforms have been installed for student to conduct skills assessments. Caution, sitting in about four feet of water are resting areas constructed of chain link fencing. Caution should be used when surfacing near the platforms.
Certified divers not associated or sponsored by a dive facility will be required to show proof of insurance prior to diving. i.e.: Dive Alert Network (DAN), Dive Assure or other providers.
Just remember that the resort is closed to diving May-October due to high water temperatures.


11 thoughts on “Belmont Springs

  1. Sandy Nosack

    Has Belmont Hot Springs and camping resort been taken over by anyone yet?  My husband and I use to go there regularly when it was operated by CamperWorld.  We would love to return…. 

    1. admin Post author

      The resort is still for sale. We were able to dive there a few months ago. You need to call and make reservations and it is cash only. They will still allow the use of the clubhouse shawers. It may be geeting close to the time of year when the springs are too hot.

  2. Michelle P

    Use to spend my summer visiting grandparents in Plymouth, getting ready to take a trip back and was wondering if the pool is still open to the public? If so, is there any contact info i could get to find out hours and cost?

    1. admin Post author

      I haven’t been to Belmont since late 2014 and a that time the pool was closed to the public. You can try to call (435) 458-3200 and see if anyone answers the phone.

    1. admin Post author

      Nothing new.
      It was pulled off the market a while ago and according to the county is still owned by Camperworld. Camperworld has rebranded themselves as Retrailia RV Resorts but the site dosen’t show Belmont as a property.

  3. ab

    Does anyone know where it's listed? or where could find that info….. very interested in buying and re-opening the property. I grew up there as a kid for few years and would hate to see this amazing place be demolished or bought and made into something different… want to restore to the old Belmont we all remember and love! 

    please any info is appreciated! 

      1. Skeeter Ellison

        Trying to find out more info on Belmont Springs.  Has it gone completely into bankruptcy?  If so, do you know who the trustee is?  I am very interested in buying the place and trying to bring it back to life.

  4. Randy R


    I am 66 years old . When I  was about 5 years old .My Mom, Dad , big sister and my Mom's sister and her family would go to Udy hot springs and  swim and camp . At that time there was no improvements I think just an old wooden out house .We would swim in the bath tub warm  water all day it was so much fun .At night we would cook out on my dad's old Coleman camp stove. Food always taste better when your camping. We sleept  in a tent in a big double sleeping bag my sister and I would sleep in the middle ,my sister was a twig and my mom and dad were still young and skinny….I slept next to my Mom cause I was still sorta the baby….One time we were up there I cut my foot bad on a beer bottle and had to go to the doctor to get stitches .I remember we had to travel a long way to the Doctor. I remember it hurt horibly when they stitched it up . it took several stitches…I had to have crutches. …I enjoy all the attention  until we got back and the next day everyone when swimming and all I could do was so on the shure and watch….I cried and cried and cryied….My foot healed but has sorta bothered me all my life …l haven't been there since I was in high school 50 years a go…Trips to Udy Hot Spring are memories of times I think about when when my mind is vacount of everyday life. …

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