Dive Sites



Anderson Meadow Reservoir
Ashley Twin Lakes            

Baker Dam Reservoir
Barney Lake
Bear Lake
Beaver Meadow Reservoir
Belmont Springs
Big East Lake
Big Lake
Big Sandwash Reservoir
Birch Creek Reservoir
Blanding City Reservoir
Blue Lake
Bridger Lake
Brough Reservoir
Browne Lake
Butterfly Lake            

Calder Reservoir
Causey Reservoir
China Lake

Cleveland Reservoir
Cook Lake
Currant Creek Reservoir            

Dark Canyon Lake
Deer Creek Reservoir
DMAD Reservoir
Donkey Reservoir

Duck Fork Reservoir            

East Canyon Reservoir
East Park Reservoir
Echo Reservoir
Electric Lake

Fairview Reservoir
Ferron Reservoir
Fish Lake
Flaming Gorge Reservoir
Forsyth Reservoir

Grantsville Reservoir
Gunlock Reservoir
Gunnison Bend Reservoir
Gunnision Reservoir

Homestead Crater
Hoop Lake
Hoover Lake
Huntington Lake North
Huntington Reservoir
Hyrum Reservoir

Joes Valley Reservoir
Johnson Valley Reservoir
Jordanelle Reservoir

Kens Lake
Kents Lake
Kolob Reservoir
Koosharem Reservoir

LaBaron Reservoir
Lake Mary
Lake Powell
Little Creek Reservoir
Little Dell Reservoir
Lloyds Reservoir
Long Park Reservoir
Lost Creek Reservoir
Lower Browns Reservoir
Lower Box Reservoir
Lower Gooseberry Reservoir
Lyman Lake





Manning Meadow Reservoir
Mantua Reservoir
Marsh Lake
Marshall Reservoir
Matt Warner Reservoir
Meadow Hot Spring
Meeks Cabin Reservoir
Mill Hollow Reservoir
Mill Meadow Reservoir
Miller Flat Reservoir
Millsite Reservoir
Minersville Reservoir
Mirror Lake
Mona Reservoir
Monticello Reservoir
Moon Lake

Navajo Lake
Newcastle Reservoir
Newton Reservoir
Nine Mile Reservoir

Oaks Park Reservoir
Otter Creek Reservoir

Palisades Lake
Panquitch Lake
Paradise Park Reservoir
Pelican Lake
Pine Lake
Pineview Reservoir
Piute Reservoir
Porcupine Reservoir
Posey Lake
Puffer Lake

Pyramid Lake

Quail Creek Reservoir

Recapture Reservoir
Red Creek Reservoir(Duchesne)
Red Creek Reservoir (Iron)
Red Fleet
Redmond Lake
Rex's Reservoir
Rockport Reservoir
Rush Lake

Salem Pond
Sand Hollow Reservoir
Scofield Reservoir
Scout Lake
Settlement Canyon
Sevier Bridge Reservoir
Sheep Creek Reservoir
Smith and Morehouse
Spanish Oaks Reservoir
Spirit Lake

Stansbury Lake
Starvation Reservoir
Stateline Reservoir
Steinaker Reservoir
Strawberry Reservoir

Three Creeks Reservoir
Tibble Fork Reservoir
Tony Grove
Trial Lake
Tropic Reservoir

Upper Enterprise Reservoir
Upper Stillwater Reservoir
Utah Lake

Wall Lake
Washington Lake
Whitney Reservoir
Wide Hollow Reservoir
Willard Bay Reservoir
Woodruff Creek Reservoir

Yankee Meadow Reservoir







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