Return To Blue Lake

They say some things never change. On October 25 we ventured back to Blue lake for a specialty class after a long hiatus. I don’t think I had been there since my Instructor Exam (IE) back in 1995.

Congratulations to Ron, Scott and Tyler for completing the Dry Suit course.

The road hasn’t changed. It’s still five miles of washboards, but travelers have taken it upon themselves to venture of the trail. A new ‘road’ runs adjacent to the old for most of the way. Once at the ‘parking lot, it all comes back in a flash. There it is, the boardwalk. Although a bit improved. Janine and I were making fun that in the ‘old days’ we used to carry our gear through the mud and at times would sink to our hips. Some of us it would be the knees. The entry area has changed that’s for sure. Dock and ladders are in place. What really struck me was the ‘bay’ that most enter through. Over the course of many years of people sliding off the bank they have created a ‘bay’. Really seeing the impact of this was when we got into the water. Where were the fish? Yes we saw the typical blue gill and bass, but they lacked size and numbers. Where was the vegetation and where was the bottom? A trip back to memory lane. Fish used to hang around the platforms in numbers and the sides and bottom were once a blanket of vegetation. The depth used to be at 60 feet. Now it’s a mere 51. You can really see the impact of all of this. The impact was everywhere. Guidelines had broken and were left hanging right next to the new lines that had been installed. Broken PVC pipe from an old navigation course was left. Just general ‘garbage’ around.
In December we are planning a return trip for more classes. As part of that I’m taking my tools and goody bag and doing my part by cleaning up what I can. It is now one of my dive sites.
I recently read a post on a website or forum about a group from Clearfield(?) that organized a major cleanup. I applaud your efforts whom ever you are. Remember it’s ‘our’ dive site. Let’s keep it clean.