Kim Turns 50

Kim was excited and with a flash…..oops wrong story…….and in a flash lifts a slate with 50 scribe on it.
No we’re not talking about age, not even close, we’re talking about diving, after all this is a scuba blog. geeesh
This was dive 50, the number of dives needed to obtain the Master Scuba Diver rating.
In a ‘dive by’ Kim gives us the scuba version of a happy dance, flashes a big smile and hands out several double handed fist pumps and then proceeds to having more fun. Oh there were other congratulatory things but nothing that should be put in print….. only because I’m the author and I blush easily.
While the open water students there really had no idea what it all meant, they had to know it was something big unless diving really is that much fun.
Well yes it is but that’s a different topic.
Upon surfacing with our students, Kim’s still doing a happy dance on the dock and to show how happy she is, jumps in the water, gets my hair all wet…geeesh and gives more hugs all around.
After calming down it’s logbook time.
Did you know that the PADI Training Logbook only allows for 49 dives? Oh my what is one to do? Just so you know the back page works just fine when someone is determined to turn 50.

It was great to be there, to see you diving, to see how you have progressed and sign your logbook.
What an honor.
Congratulations Kim Calder