Just in, Park Is It

I always enjoy the what ever it takes attitude of divers.

A couple months ago we ventured to Flaming Gorge for some fun and fun
training…it’s all fun.
During a surface swim from around Osprey Island we were talking as a group about number of dives and other related topics. Justin mentioned he had now 49 dives and the dive we just completed in a dry suit was his fifth specialty. That number always peaks my interest since it’s just one dive away from one of the requirements for the PADI Master Scuba Diver rating. After some thought…ok about 5 seconds worth, Janine and Justin decided that it was a what ever it takes moment. After checking pressure levels in their tanks and making a plan, they dropped along the walls of the ‘Gorge’ and headed towards the exit point. Crusing along at 30-40 feet for 30 minutes they enjoyed the company of Bass and a great wall dive Utah style.
Justin Park you are it, a what ever it takes diver.
Congratulations on achieving the Master Scuba Diver rating.