It Sure Is Nice Outside

We seem to be enjoying another one of those “pre” spring days here in Utah. You know it’s that time of year when the storms hit and it’s all gone by Noon. With that, another season of diving is upon us.
Many of us are year-round divers. It could be snowing and we are still diving. But we are spoiled a bit with the warm waters of the Crater, Camperworld (Belmont Springs), Seabase and Blue Lake. Imagine the ‘cabin fever’ those divers in Minnesota get waiting for the ice to come off the Great Lakes. Ohhh I would be cranky.
However many people feel that it is just took cold in the winter, and appreciate the warmer weather to get out and dive. So, what do you need to do to get ready for the dive season?

1. Pull out your dive gear. Shake it out and bring your regulators and BCs in for annual service. Condition the wetsuit or drysuit seals and wax the zipper. Get your tanks visually inspected and filled. Get your storage containers and bags aired out. Have you ever smelled neoprene that’s been left in a bag…yuck
2. Determine what needs to be replaced this year. Make a list and talk to your dive center about upcoming sales that may be going on. You are an actionpass member right?
3. Pick up cleaning supplies for your gear, are all your clips still in place? Do you still have defogger? Restock your save a dive kit, or start a new one.
4. Make sure you renewed your DAN Membership.
5. What are your education goals this year? Talk to your dive center about classes you would be interested in taking.
6. Get a scuba review. Even a seasoned diver can benefit from a skills tune up from a dive professional. It is also a good opportunity to get your gear back in the water, before actually heading into the open water.
7. Talk to your dive buddies and start planning some dives.
8. Pull out your non-diving stuff you use for diving and get it ready too. Tents, tarps, lounge chairs, that big brimmed hat that protects your bald spot….ohh that’s just me.

9. Finally…go dive!