Dan Is "The Man"

It’s a Friday afternoon and the day hadn’t started the way we had planned. Students were a no show. So much for plan your dive and dive your plan. Abort? No, make a new plan. New plan was dive with Dan without students.
Water temp was 90 something. Viz was, well sweet. About 45 feet.
Times up, time to head for the 3 minute safety stop. Just three minutes of a day. Look to my right, not there. Where’s Dan? Look to my left. There he is. Hand clasped in front, legs bent at the knees, and his body is horizontal and he’s almost motion less. What an sight.Two minutes, still there, same position. One minute. Yes, still there. Zero. Time to ascend. At the OK to go up signal I reach over and shake Dans’ hand. He smiles, raises his arms as though he just won a metal in some event. A couple fist pumps later and we slowly ascend. That last 15 feet must have felt like 60 in relation to time. On the surface another hand shake, fist pound and a well deserved congratulations. As pretty as it was to watch, this celebration wasn’t about holding a safety stop horizontal for three minutes, or the numerous attempts at back kicks and helicopter turns, or completing the multi-level specialty or trying new fins. No this celebration was much bigger. You see this was dive 50 for Dan. The last dive needed to obtain his Master Scuba Diver rating. The PADI Master Scuba Diver rating is the highest non professional PADI qualification available, and your ticket to respect and recognition wherever you may visit around the world.
What an honor.
Congratulations Dan Jaterka, congratulations.

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