Cozumel What A Blast

If you have been following you would have known that we had plans to invade Scuba Club Cozumel the week of July 11-18. Invade we did. Twenty eight of us from Utah, nine or so from San Diego and three from Long Beach took up residence.
May hats off to the entire group. They were fantastic.
For most everyone the first dive was off the shore at the resort. Many had never been in salt water so a buoyancy check was in order. Once sorted the dives began. In fact most did a night dive that night or two and every night afterwards.
The first day of boat diving we went a bit conservative to see how many would react to the fantastic drift diving. Not a problem. From there on out it only got better and better.
Columbia Deep, Santa Rosa, Palancar Caves, Punya Tunich, Paradise, and C53 to name a few. For some the ultimate was hitting, now brace yourself, a current less Punta Sur’s Devils Throat on the last day or venturing off the island to dive the cenote Dos Ojos.
As for returning, oh yeah I’ll be back and I would definately go back to SCC.