Cozumel Mexico Baby!!

On Monday we had a seminar with Aqua Lung, where they showed us some of the latest products coming out and new features added to existing ones. What does that have to do with Mexico you ask?
Cozumel baby!!!!!!
It was announced that Sport Chalet has booked the entire Scuba Club Cozumel resort for the week of July 11-18, 2009.
I’m in!! Janine’s in!! Are you in?
The real fun, besides the diving and fun with friends and family is that Aqua Lung and other manufactures will be there with new gear for any of us to demo.

Not sure you want the Aqua Lung Slingshot fins yet? Take them on a real test dive.
Want to compare the Suunto Cobra 2 to the Sherwood Wisdom 2? Hook them both up and take them on a dive and compare.
Which camera should I buy? Take one for a dive and load the pics on a PC and see.
All of this for how much? Right now it’s about $997.00 per person plus airfare. More details and exact price to soon follow.
Cozumel here we come!!!!