Bear Lake What A Site

What a site. We decided that for the Dry Suit Specialty we would venture to Cisco Beach at Bear Lake. Congratulations to Brenden, Dick, Jessica and Josh for hanging in there and braving the cold. So how was the dive? Clear and cool. The visibility was close to 25 feet with a surface temperature of 63 degrees. We found a few thermoclines. One at about 20 feet (59 degrees) and then another one that got your attention at 40 feet (54 degrees) and at 45 feet it was a balmy 51 degrees.
Added bonus. When we got there three divers from Bear Lake Dive Team were getting ready to sink a boat. Cool something new to see. Seems they tried the previous day but failed due to excessive buoyancy. So on Saturday they came back prepared. Tore out the gun rails and remove all the foam and plywood that was still attached. After putting some well placed holes in the bottom they were ready to push it out. After helping give a gentle nudge it was on its way. At 11:00 the Cisco was submerged in about 30 feet of water. Actually the stern is resting at 34 feet and the bow at 39 feet.
Coordinates 111 16’ 42” W 41 57’ 11” N