ARUP Scuba Club

I just happened to check my email and saw an email with the subject ARUP Scuba Club. Now I know a couple of great people who work at ARUP so I knew it wasn’t spam. Bill Sullivan and Josh McPherron have headed this up and it seems to be building. From the email and site it appears they are not limiting to just ARUP employees and family, but have extended it to friends. So if you were in the Open Water class with Melissa (Bills wife) and Amanda (Josh’s wife) or at the lake while they were all doing their Advanced Open Water or Rescue Diver..I think you’re friends.
I posted this as many of you have been asking about clubs and while Sport Chalet no longer ‘sponsors’ clubs internally they do support them. Contact Bill or Josh about joining.

Independent clubs outside of stores are a great idea and I personally am glad to see one start again. Utah State University has recently started their club back up from what I have read.