2012 Utah Spearfishing Guidelines

The 2012 spearfishing guidelines are now available at utahscubadiver.com Spearfishing page.
To summerize; no new lakes were added for 2012 and the dates and times will remain the same.

The no-limit and catch-and-kill regulations apply to waters where the Division wants to remove species that were illegally stocked. These types of regulations also remove much of the incentive for those who initially dumped the fish.

No-limit regulation
This regulation allows anglers to take an unlimited number of smallmouth bass in Quail Creek, Sand Hollow and Gunlock reservoirs, and in the Virgin and Santa Clara rivers.

Catch-and-kill regulation
This regulation requires anglers to immediately kill any black bullhead catfish they catch in Deer Creek Reservoir and any northern pike they catch in Utah Lake.
See page 34 of the guidebook