2009 Utah Spearfishing Schedule

From the folks at Utah Spearfishing the 2009 Organized shoot Schedule.
Did you know that there are a number of species of fish in Utah that have yet to be recorded for a spearfishing record. There are nine alone in Lake Powell. See the July 18th record shoot. In 2008 the record was recorded for cutthroat trout. What will be recorded for 2009 and who will record it?

May 23rd – Starvation Carp shoot.
June 20th – Deer Creek
July 18th – Lake Powell “records shoot”
August 15th – Bear Lake Carp shoot
September 26th – Flaming Gorge
October 17th – Fish Lake
November 21st – Flaming Gorge Reservoir
Pop-Up shoots as well
Pot Luck BBQ
Cash donation Bucket for Prizes